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Why purchase a screen from Analogic Computers?

Established since 1987 in Kingston upon Thames, England, Analogic Computers is one of the longest serving and leading suppliers of high quality laptop and tablet screens at very competitive prices. We have our own professional repair workshop where we have been replacing screens for over 30 years so you can have confidence in the products we sell as we fit them ourselves and only use the best quality available. All laptop screens in stock are dispatched the same day if we receive cleared funds by credit/debit card over the phone or paid through PayPal for orders received by 4.00 PM weekdays.
We supply screens for a wide range of laptops makes and models including Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, VAIO, Toshiba, Google, MSI etc.

Do I need to remove my old screen before ordering a new screen?

It is strongly advised that you remove the old screen from the laptop before purchasing a new screen. This is the only way to 100% guarantee that you are ordering the correct compatible screen. Many of the same model laptops can come with a different resolution screen fitted and the screen has to be replaced with a screen of the same resolution and connector size it was sold with. The only way to get that information is to remove the old screen.

How to find the part number of the screen once I have removed it?

The best way to find the part number of your screen is to remove the broken/faulty screen from your laptop and look for the part number as shown in the examples below. You will notice that your screen size is mentioned in the part number of your screen. For example, a 15.6" LED screen has 156 mentioned in the part number, a 14.1" screen has 141 mentioned in the part number and so on and so forth.

Once removed you can type the part number of your laptop screen in our search function to see if we have a compatible screen in stock.

You may also just type the model of the laptop to search for your laptop screen but it is advised you remove your old screen and get the screen part number otherwise you risk ordering the wrong screen.

Find the part number as shown in the examples below :

  • Part No : M116NWR1

  • Part No : LTN121W1-L02

  • Part No : HB133WX1-402

  • Part No : N140BGE-E43

  • Part No : LTN150XG-L03

  • Part No : CLAA154WB05AN

  • Part No : LP156WH3-TLA2

  • Part No : B173RW01-V.3

I don't feel confident replacing the screen myself. Can Analogic Computers do this for me?

Absolutely yes. For a small fee we provide laptop screen and tablet screen fitting services for all makes and models including Apple. We can even provide same day laptop screen fitting service for any laptop screen that we have in stock.

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