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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Established in Kingston upon Thames since 1987, Analogic Computers (UK) Ltd. is one of the longest serving and leading repair centres for electronic devices. With our dedicated customer focused team including Apple certified technicians we have been providing repair services and data recovery solutions for Apple products as well as Windows based products since the very beginning, we even go as far back as designing & repairing Amiga and Atari products for the nostalgic among you. As such we have gained extensive knowledge and experience in electronic devices repair and data recovery that you won't find anywhere else.

Analogic Computers UK Ltd complies with the legislation when handling personal data and we make sure to have the highest possible safety procedures in order to respond to threats and attacks. We protect the customers’ data to earn the customers’ trust – whether handling personal data or other information.

Below you can read about how Analogic Computers UK Ltd take on the responsibility of protecting customer data and how the customers can exercise their rights.


Analogic Computers UK Ltd handles the customers’ personal data, defined by any information about a physical identified or identifiable person. Every customer might have one or more physical persons affiliated. The data encompasses the customer’s company name, company address, email address, telephone number, customer number, order number, IP address, cookie number, information regarding the physical persons affiliated with the customer, use of our website, etc.

Analogic Computers UK Ltd has professional companies as customers and Analogic Computers UK Ltd handling of data is therefore primarily of legal persons. Analogic Computers UK Ltd do, however, handle data regarding physical persons, in case there are any affiliated to the legal persons. The term “customer” in this policy therefore also covers the physical persons who own the companies or are employed in the companies, that Analogic Computers UK Ltd has as customers. Finally, the term also covers visitors of Analogic Computers UK Ltd website who are not logged in, and where Analogic Computers UK Ltd, as a result, cannot determine whether it is a customer, a potential customer or another stakeholder.


Analogic Computers UK Ltd, Unit 8 Ashway Centre, Elm Crescent, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6HH, is the information systems manager and accountable for the handling of personal data. If you have any questions regarding the handling of your data (including personal data), please send an email to


Analogic Computers UK Ltd handles personal data in accordance with the principles in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Legislation.

Analogic Computers UK Ltd handles personal data lawfully, fairly and transparently. For every handling, a purpose is established. We do not handle more data than necessary to fulfill the purpose. We do what we can to ensure that the information is correct. We do not store the data for a longer time than necessary. We protect data, systems and processes with contemporary safety technologies. We can document our actions.


Analogic Computers UK Ltd has established a list of concrete purposes for the handling of data, for the individual IT systems and the personal data registered herein. Generally, Analogic Computers UK Ltd handles the customers’ personal data with the following purposes:

  • Registration of potential customers
  • Creation and approval of customers
  • Servicing of customers to be able to deliver a service or accomplish a sale
  • Personalized services, including development and promotion of products and services
  • Registration of customers with regards to comply with the legislation.

Declaration of Consent

In several cases, Analogic Computers UK Ltd will ask the physical customers for permission to handle their personal data, before the handling takes place. To ask for permission is also called requesting a declaration of consent. You can, at any time, withdraw your consent, and Analogic Computers UK Ltd will then terminate the handling of data.


Analogic Computers UK Ltd customers have a list of rights regarding the handling of their personal data according to the GDPR. These rights mean, i.a., that the customers can be informed of what type of personal data Analogic Computers UK Ltd possesses and in some cases have them deleted.

The customers can apply for access. This means that the customers can ask Analogic Computers UK Ltd what personal data Analogic Computers UK Ltd handles and with what purposes, etc.

The customers can request to have personal data amended, which they do not find correct. The customers’ administrators can amend the rights granted to the customers’ employees themselves.

The customers can request to have personal data deleted, which they find that Analogic Computers UK Ltd should or may not have registered.

The customers can request that the handling of personal data is limited. This means that the data is not deleted, but it is specified that they may not be handled and the access to them is restricted.

The customers can take exception to a specific handling taken place. This means that the data may potentially still be applied for other legal purposes. The objection may have a temporary character in relation to a concrete purpose and i.a. be defined by the employee’s immediate situation.

The customers have, under certain limited circumstances, the opportunity to request their own personal data handed over.

The customers have the right not to be profiled, unless it is crucial to be able to create a contract. Analogic Computers UK Ltd finds it crucial that a profiling has been made to be able to make an assessment of creditworthiness, when a contract with credit is requested.

On the contrary, it is not crucial for the contract to profile the customers’ use of the website, which is why a profiling is only made with a consent in this case. See the section “Declaration of consent”.

Analogic Computers UK Ltd will always meet a request for access. Analogic Computers UK Ltd will always consider the fairness of the execution of the additional rights and perform a specific evaluation of whether a submitted access request should be met. The customers may always file a complaint against a decision made by Analogic Computers UK Ltd. See the section “Complaints”.


Analogic Computers UK Ltd has incorporated any suitable technical and organizational precautions, in order to protect personal data against unintended loss and any illegal handling. This means, that Analogic Computers UK Ltd explores every system and data, and take the threats that might appear into consideration. The safety encompasses both organizational initiatives such as policies and procedures, and a list of technical initiatives.

To protect our infrastructure we will not go into details with what specific initiatives Analogic Computers UK Ltd have instituted. However, we can mention that the initiatives include policies, procedures, organisation, employee safety, administration of suppliers, development, assets, admissions and operation settlement, management of threats and safety matters, compliance to legislation, etc.

If you, as a customer, have a specific question regarding our safety procedures, you are always welcome to contact us. See our contact information above.

Violation of the Personal Data Privacy

If a violation of personal data privacy, which involves Analogic Computers UK Ltd customers, occur, and the violation in question is estimated to constitute a high risk for the customers, Analogic Computers UK Ltd will inform the Data Protection Agency as soon as possible and will together with the agency consider to which extent a wide communication should take place.

Data receivers and transmission

Analogic Computers UK Ltd handles most personal data in private data centres. However, Analogic Computers UK Ltd deploys certain in-house systems that handle data via Cloud-based systems. For every system, the handling of personal data has been outlined, hereunder if any assignment or transfer takes place, and if so, to which recipients.

Span of treatment

Analogic Computers UK Ltd has, as far as possible, determined a span of treatment for the handling of activities in the specific systems. Generally, Analogic Computers UK Ltd only store personal data for as long as it is necessary in regards to the purpose of the personal data handling.

Changes to Analogic Computers UK Ltd privacy notice

Analogic Computers UK Ltd can, at any given time and without notice, change this privacy notice with immediate effect. A notice will appear when logging into our website, or directly via email if any major changes take place. Analogic Computers UK Ltd new privacy notice will be applicable going forward.


The customers can complain about Analogic Computers UK Ltd’s decisions here:

The customers may also, at any given time, submit a question or complaint against Analogic Computers UK Ltd handling of customers data to the Data Protection Agency. The customers may also, at any time, bring a personal data handling case to the court of law.