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Analogic Computers UK Ltd

Computer Upgrade Services

Is your Apple or Windows computer struggling under the pressure of all those old and new applications or running out of space for all your important photos, music and movies? Not quite ready to buy brand new? Let us get your computer running faster than ever with our upgrade options.

If you want to add speed to your computer then replacing a standard hard drive with a new solid state drive will add serious speed to your computer. If you are running out of usable space to store your important files then a bigger drive can be fitted and we can copy everything from the old drive to the new one.

Need help beefing up your multitasking performance? Adding more RAM memory allows you to do more things at once and have more applications open. While it won’t speed up the actual processing speed, you’ll be able to work faster because you can keep your most important apps open all the time.

Need better battery life? All batteries degrade over time, so you’ve probably already noticed that you pay more attention to where the nearest wall socket is? Replacing your battery with a new one liberates your computer and means you can do more on the move.

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What Our Customers Say

It my mother in law who saw a leaflet for Analogic and gave it to, when our Mac hard drive went pop. These guys were amazing and were able to recover everything, but also managed to make the computer better and faster with a new hard drive. Excellent customer service and great knowledge. We will definitely be using them again.

Mercia Griffin

I have walked passed Analogic most days and hadn't realised what they do it was only when a friend mentioned on Facebook that they do Mac repairs that I decided to go along and find out how they could improve my 5 year old MacBook Pro. They quickly did tests to evaluate what was needed to enhance it and just over 24 hours later I had it back all singing and dancing like new!.

Annie Armitage

These guys really care. I had an issue with my battery on my laptop and it was fixed next day perfectly. What sets Analogic apart from all other repair centres is the customer service. Raj, the owner, genuinely cares about his work and customers. I highly recommend Analogic to everyone.

Col Wong